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NCAA Schools – Wisconsin Badgers


Image of the University of Wisconsin Badgers logo.

University Facts

The University of Wisconsin is a public research university that was established in 1848 – the same year that the state of Wisconsin became an official state. At the time it was first public university in the state. The school is located in Madison, Wisconsin – which is also the capital city. The 2013 enrollment was approximately 43,000, with 29,000 of them being undergraduates. Their official school colors are cardinal red and white.

University of Wisconsin academics are recognized worldwide for their excellence. In 2014 the school was ranked 37th in the world by QS World University Rankings. No matter who conducts the academic rankings, Wisconsin generally ranks in the top 50. The school is most known for their research programs, and college of agriculture and life sciences.


The University of Wisconsin is not only one of the most prestigious academic universities, but they are also a well known athletic university in a number of sporting events. They are most known nationwide for their football, basketball, and ice hockey teams. In football, many fans relate the Badgers to their “Jump Around” student section tradition. The tradition entails the entire student section jumping around at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Badgers basketball is the model of consistency, with the team reaching 14 consecutive NCAA Tournaments, the most recent saw them earn a spot in the 2014 Final Four. They were also ranked in the top 5 of the 2014-2015 preseason college basketball rankings. Badgers Ice Hockey is also well known for having won six national championships – which ranks 4th in NCAA history.

Their biggest rival in all sports is the Minnesota Gophers, who compete with Wisconsin each year in what is called the Border Battle. The Border Battle is an athletic competition in which each athletic team earns points for their respective school – the winner earns bragging rights for that upcoming season.

Famous Alumni

  • Russell Wilson – current NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Ron Dayne – former Heisman Trophy winner.
  • Bud Selig – Major League Baseball Commissioner
  • Phil Hellmuth – Professional poker player and youngest person to win the World Series of Poker.
  • Dick Cheney – former Vice President of the United States
  • Charles Lindbergh – Medal of Honor and Orteig Prize winner for being the first person to make a nonstop flight from New York City to Paris, France in 1927.

Wisconsin Badgers Merchandise

Flag History

City Flags – Madison

00    The Madison city flag has been flying proudly in the city since 1962. The flag design is made up of a light blue background with a white horizontal stripe extending from the top right to the bottom left. The white stripe represents the city itself, while the surrounding blue represents the lakes that border downtown Madison. The center emblem symbolizes the four lakes that border the city limits and the state capital building. The Madison city flag was voted as the 11th best city flag in the United States. About the city of Madison: “Mad Town” is the capital and the second largest city in the state of Wisconsin. Only Milwaukee has a larger population in the state. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin Badgers – one of the most prestigious academic and athletic universities in the United States. Madison is said to bring big city attractions to a small town environment, which makes it a very desirable place to live, work and attend school. Madison was named after a politician and has been consistently known as one of the most politically driven cities in the country. The city is famously named after its founding father, … Keep Reading...

Flag History

The 2014-2015 College Football Playoff Bracket

+2-1    The wait is over; the inaugural college football playoff field is set! Here is an in depth look at the teams participating and the games to be played. Since this is the first season a playoff system has been implemented, it is important to understand the college football playoffs before diving into the details. Final College Football Playoff Rankings (12/7/14) 1.  Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) The Crimson Tide are no stranger to big moments and big games. They have won 3 of the last 5 national championships and are consistently ranked in the top 5 each season. Alabama is fresh off a 42-13 victory in the SEC Championship over the Missouri Tigers. Their only loss this season came in a 23-17 defeat on October 4th at Ole Miss. They will be the favorites to win it all come January. 2.  Oregon Ducks (12-1) In the past 10 seasons the Ducks have risen to the ranks of college football royalty. Their flashy uniforms and distinctive style of play have made them one of the more popular schools in the country. The team put it all together on the field this season, led by likely Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota. … Keep Reading...

Flag News

City Flags – Cincinnati

+10    The flag of Cincinnati was designed in 1896, but it was not formally adopted until 1940. The Cincinnati flag features three blue wavy horizontal stripes on a white background. The blue waves represent the Ohio River, which runs through the city. The center of the flag displays a red letter “C” which stands for Cincinnati. Inside the letter is the seal of the city of Cincinnati in blue, which symbolizes commerce, wisdom, justice and authority. Near the top of the flag is a cluster of five red buckeye leaves – which represents Ohio as the “Buckeye State”. About the city of Cincinnati: The “Queen City” is the third largest city in the state of Ohio and the 28th largest city in the United States. Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River which separates Ohio and Kentucky. Cincinnati is known for being one of the first inland cities in the country, but the longevity has not correlated with population. Both Columbus and Cleveland have larger populations in the state of Ohio. Residents of Cincinnati are known as Cincinnatians. Cincinnati Fun Facts: Was home to three United States presidents – Ulysses S. Grant, William Taft, and Benjamin Harrison. The first man … Keep Reading...

Flag History

Flags and Fairytales – Dannebrog

+1-1    The Flag That Fell From the Sky Meet, Dannebrog, the Denmark flag. Meaning “the red cloth”, Dannebrog is the oldest flag still in use today-according to the myth it dates as far back as 1219!  What’s more interesting is the famous legend surrounding its origins. It all began at the Battle of Valdemar, in a northern province in Estonia.  Also known as the Battle of Lydanisse, the Danish king, Valdemar II, was camped near the city of Lydanisse. When negotiations broke down between Denmark and Estonia, things started turning bad for King Valdemar. On June 15th, 1219, it is said that the Estonian armies surrounded the Danish encampment from five directions in a surprise attack.  Things were looking grim for the Danish army, and defeat seemed imminent. On a nearby hill, overlooking the battle scene was a Danish priest. He could see that the Estonians were going to be victorious, so he raised his hands in prayer. Every time the priest’s arms were raised in prayer, the Danish army would regain their stronghold and get closer to victory. As time went on, the priest’s arms grew tired and needed the help of two soldiers to keep his arms … Keep Reading...

Flag History

NCAA Schools – Auburn Tigers

00    University Facts Auburn University was established in 1856 as a public university located in the city of Auburn, Alabama. The university name and direction has been changed numerous times, eventually settling with the name Auburn in 1960. Auburn University has an undergraduate enrollment of about 20,000 students, which makes it one of the largest universities in the state. Auburn’s official colors are burnt orange and navy blue. Auburn has consistently been rated as one of the top 50 public universities for nearly 20 years. U.S. News and World Reports ranks Auburn as the 48th best public university in the United States. Their architecture, engineering, forestry, business, pharmacy, and veterinary programs have been ranked among the best in the country. Auburn is globally ranked in the 350-500 range among universities worldwide. Athletics Athletically, Auburn plays in the Southeastern conference (SEC). They compete with 13 other teams in that conference, most notably with their in state rival, the Alabama Crimson Tide. Similar to the University of Alabama’s “Roll Tide” chant, Auburn’s “War Eagle” chant is one of the most well known battle cries in college athletics. Auburn has won a total 17 NCAA national championships among its many collegiate sports … Keep Reading...

Flag History

NFL Teams – Minnesota Vikings

+197-87    The Minnesota Vikings are an NFL football team located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Minneapolis metro area has been home to the team ever since they took the field in the 1960s. Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota with a population of about 400,000. The team is owned by majority owner, Zigi Wilf, who purchased the team with five other partners in 2005. Team History The Minnesota Vikings joined the NFL as an expansion team back in 1960. However, they did not play their first game until the 1961 season. They have been an up and down team throughout their existence as an NFL franchise. At one point, they played in four consecutive Super Bowls – but lost all four. They have appeared in the playoffs 27 times, which ranks in the top 5 among all NFL teams. On game day, the Vikings fans can be heard singing their fight song – “Skol Vikings”. The fight song is played whenever the team scores a field goal, touchdown, safety, and at the end of each half. The Vikings horn can also be heard playing throughout the game, as well as a flash cannon when the team … Keep Reading...

Flag History

NCAA Schools – Clemson Tigers

00    University Facts Clemson University is a public university that was established in 1889. The university is located in Clemson, South Carolina. The city of Clemson is undoubtedly a college town, with a population of just 13,000 people. Clemson University currently enrolls 16,000 undergraduates, more than the city of Clemson as a whole. The official school colors are Orange and Regalia (Blue). According to U.S. News and World Report, Clemson University is ranked in the top 100 among all public universities in the United States, and it cracks the top 500 universities worldwide. Clemson academics focus on Architecture, Arts, Agriculture, Business, Science, and Education. Of those colleges, the College of Science and Engineering enrolls by far the most students each year. Athletics Clemson currently competes in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), one of the major athletic conferences in the NCAA. Clemson fields athletic teams in basketball, baseball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, track, and volleyball. Although the school has not won a national championship in any sport since 2003, it is a very well respected athletic institution. In recent years, Clemson has become a well known football school. Their tradition of “Running Down the Hill” is one of … Keep Reading...

Flag History

City Flags – Cleveland

+10    The city flag of Cleveland was designed in 1895 but it was not approved until 1896. The designer, Susan Hepburn, was actually a high school student who submitted the design to the state of Ohio. The flag design has three vertical stripes of red, white and blue. The center of the flag has the word “Cleveland”, and the year 1796 displayed inside the American Shield. The flag was modified in the 1960s to show the city’s motto, “Progress and Prosperity”. The colors of the flag represent patriotism and mirror the colors of the U.S. flag. The year 1796 is the year the city was founded. The wheel, hammer, and anvil represent the city’s heavy industry – while the oar and anchor represent Cleveland’s location on the Great Lakes. About the city of Cleveland: Cleveland is the second largest city in the state of Ohio, only Columbus has a larger population in state. The city is located in the northeast corner of the state, next to Lake Erie and the state of Pennsylvania. Clevelanders have many nicknames for the city; including “The North Coast”, “C-Town”, and “The Forest City”. Its prime location on Lake Erie has allowed Cleveland to … Keep Reading...

Flag History

City Flags – Baltimore

00    The flag of Baltimore has been flown proudly in the city since the early 1900s. The flag features the Battle Monument at its center, which is a local civic monument in the city. The monument was one of the first of its kind, as Baltimore has become known for pioneering over the years (see below). The monument was erected to honor the soldiers and officers of America, and it has become a staple of the city’s image since the 1800s. The monument has also become part of the seal of Baltimore, which was adopted in 1827. The seal is a representation of the city government. The colors of the flag are black and gold. These colors represent the colors of the coat of arms of the Calvert family. The Calvert family is known to have founded the colony of Maryland. These colors also appear on two of the quadrants of the Maryland state flag – which is one of the most unique state flags. A 2004 survey concluded that the Baltimore city flag was the 18th best United States city flag (150 total city flags). About the city of Baltimore: Baltimore is the largest city in the state … Keep Reading...

Flag History

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