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Prayer Flags Pay Tribute to Victims of the Nepal Earthquake


A before and after photo of the destruction caused by the Nepal earthquake.

The Nepal earthquake was one of the worst natural disasters in recent years. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake has killed hundreds of people and the search continues for hundreds of missing people. The earthquake has destroyed homes, separated families, and devastated cities. The photo above shows the destruction caused by the Nepal earthquake.

Image of a group of prayer flags in Nepal.

Now people from across the world are displaying prayer flags as a tribute to the victims of the Nepal earthquake. The general population understands the significance of doing whatever they can to pay tribute, but don’t understand the meaning behind the prayer flags. The prayer flags in Nepal are actually called Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags.

Todd Lewis of the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts says that; “What is less known are the Buddhist words that were taught by [Buddha] to make the world safer healthier and more auspicious. He gave his disciples certain words and chants that would bring blessings to the people who chanted them.”

As it turns out, these blessings were originally spoken words but were later changed to words on cloth or paper – aka prayer flags. Todd also says that prayer flags are misunderstood because the general population only associates the Buddhist religion with meditation and good karma.

Buddhist prayer flags are typically displayed in five colors: blue, red, white, green and yellow. Each color stands for something unique, or a different direction. The prayer flags in Nepal are a religious/spiritual tribute from those who are unable to help support the nation financially. People in the United States and from other countries across the world are also donating money to help aid the disaster recovery process in Nepal.

If you would like to donate, click here to view a list of groups and organizations that are accepting donations for relief efforts in Nepal.

Credit: Yahoo! News

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Flags Flying on Israel Independence Day

00    Israel is celebrating its Independence Day on April 22 and 23. This celebration will mark the country’s 67th birthday. Israel officially became an independent nation after breaking free from British mandate in 1948. The official independence date celebration rotates each year because of the Hebrew calendar; however, the date generally falls between April-June. This years’ Israel Independence Day figures to break records in terms of resident participation. So how are residents of Israel going to celebrate this historic day? Throughout the two day celebration, Israelis will fly 1.15 million Israel flags as a symbol of patriotism. The 1.15 million flags marks a 15% increase from the number of flags used during the 2014 Independence Day celebration. The flags being flown will be of all shapes and sizes, with local businesses producing roughly 11 million flags in preparation for the big day. According to Avi Maron of the Israel Chamber of Commerce, 1.15 million flags would be approximately 940 million meters long if attached end to end. The chamber is also reporting an increase in orders for oversized flags – the largest flag purchased is 687 meters long. This gigantic flag could earn its spot among the world’s largest … Keep Reading...

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00    The Los Angeles city flag is one of the most unique city flags in the United States. The Los Angeles city flag design consists of three jagged horizontal stripes of different colors. The colors from left to right are green (for olive trees), yellow/gold (for orange groves) and red (for vineyards). The center of the Los Angeles city flag contains the official city seal (image below). The LA city seal contains a bevy of meaningful images, including; the flag of California, the Mexico coat of arms, the date the city was founded, the major crops of California and the United States shield. The Los Angeles city flag was officially adopted in 1931 for the city’s anniversary. The combination of design, meaning and historical presence makes the Los Angeles city flag one of the best city flags. About the city of Los Angeles Los Angeles (LA) is the largest city in the state of California with a population of about 3.7 million. LA is also the second largest city in the United States based on population, only New York City has a greater population. Los Angeles is a vibrant, progressive and diverse city that has been called “The Entertainment … Keep Reading...

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