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Can You Guess the City Flag?


Are you looking to prove yourself as a true Vexillologist? Well, you have come to the right place! CVS Flags has been testing our readers lately with a variety of flag knowledge quizzes. First it was how well you know the state flags. Then we wanted to know how well you know the national flags of the world. Those quizzes were difficult, but we have a feeling that this one will be even tougher.

Most of you probably know your own city flag, but now we want to know how well you know all of the United States city flags. Not every U.S. city has a city flag, however, a majority of the larger cities do. Similar to the other versions of this quiz, we have assembled a list of 12 city flags and divided them into four different categories. The categories are based on how recognizable the flags are to the general American public. The four categories are; easy, intermediate, difficult, and Vexillologist.

Take a look at the list of flags below and see if you can guess the city flag.

The answers to the quiz can be found at the bottom of the page. Also, let us know how well you did in the comments section below!


Image of the Denver city flag.

Image of the Baltimore city flag.

Image of the San Antonio city flag.


Image of the Phoenix city flag.

Image of the New Orleans city flag.

Image of the Chicago city flag.


Image of the Indianapolis city flag.

Image of the Washington D.C. city flag.

Image of the St. Louis city flag.


Image of the St. Petersburg city flag.

Image of the Wichita city flag.

Image of a Minneapolis city flag.


Easy: Denver, Baltimore, San Antonio

Intermediate: Phoenix, New Orleans, Chicago

Difficult: Indianapolis, Washington D.C., St. Louis

Vexillologist: St. Petersburg (Florida), Wichita, Minneapolis

Flag Fun

The Denver City Flag

00    The Denver city flag is one of the most unique city flags in the country. Believe it or not, the flag was actually designed by a high school student in 1926. The Denver city flag perfectly depicts the overall geographical landscape of the city and the state that it represents. The flag’s design represents the snow topped Rocky Mountains under blue skies and a bright yellow sun. The central positioning of the yellow sun represents the city’s central location within the state of Colorado. The Denver city flag was ranked as the 3rd best city flag by the North American Vexillological Association. About the city of Denver Denver is the largest and capital city of the state of Colorado. It is one of the only major cities in the United States that was not formed on a lake or river. The city’s population has doubled since the 1960s, and now sits around 650,000. The “Mile High City” is famous for its elevation of 5,278 feet – the highest elevation among major U.S. cities. Denver Fun Facts Louis Ballast, a local Denver resident, was the first person to trademark the cheeseburger. Believe it or not, local Denver breweries brew … Keep Reading...

Flag History

Use of Feather Flags to be voted on in Small New Hampshire Town

00               The Conway, New Hampshire planning board recently decided to put feather flags on the next town warrant. What for, you might ask? The city is actually looking to ban the use of feather flags. The official vote will be held at the town meeting ballot on April 14. Conway is a small New Hampshire community with a population of about 10,000. Conway is located about 2 ½ hours north of Boston, Massachusetts. The city is known for tourism – the nearby White Mountains provide the perfect retreat for winter sports enthusiasts. According to Steve Porter, planning board chair member, many taxpayers find the feather flags unappealing. He also claims that businesses who display these flags have gotten out of hand. Porter says that, “What some businesses are doing is beyond creative – they are manipulating a flaw in the sign ordinance that didn’t cover something that we never had thought of.” Although the ban of feather flags has advanced to a city wide vote, not everyone completely understands why they are an issue. As a tourist town, local businesses are doing whatever they can to attract new business to their storefronts. Ed McDonald … Keep Reading...

Flag News

Winter Weather affects the American Flag on the Brooklyn Bridge

+10    The effects of a long, harsh winter can take a toll on many things – not just humans. For example, the American flag on the Brooklyn Bridge has taken a beating this winter. High winds, frigid temperatures and relentless precipitation have deteriorated Old Glory. The New York state DOT applies most of the blame to the high winds on top of the bridge. The flag is ripped at the bottom and along the outside, causing it to whip around the flag pole.  The American flag on the Brooklyn Bridge has become so tattered that it resembles a historical war flag. The condition of the flag is not the only problem, however. The ice and snow on the bridge has made it unsafe to repair, meaning that the flag could remain this way for weeks – or months. The DOT says they will not be able to replace the flag until the weather conditions improve. Flying flags during the winter is no easy task. You can purchase heavy duty polyester flags, but there is no guarantee how long the flag will last. On average, a U.S. flag can last up to 90 days if flown from sunrise to sunset. … Keep Reading...

Flag News

Artist to Paint American Flag in Every State

00    Scott LoBadio, the self proclaimed “America’s Artist”, is looking to embark on a journey unlike any other in the art industry. Scott, a proud patriot, is taking a cross country trip to personally pay a tribute to United States Military veterans. His mission is to paint a three dimensional American flag at a VFW from each of the 50 states. The famous Staten Island, New York painter calls the American flag “The most meaningful, the most powerful, the most recognized, the most beautiful work of art.” How can you paint a three dimensional American flag? Scott will use multiple colors (9 to be exact) in order to create a flag waving effect. The painted American flags will be anywhere from 30 x 20 feet to 80 x 40 feet depending on the location and resources available. It will take him up to three days to paint each flag before a dedicated ceremony will held to unveil the painting. The first stop on Scott’s journey was in Fayetteville, North Carolina on February 20, 2015. This cross country, six month adventure will end on September 25, 2015. Other than being proud of his country, you might wonder why he is … Keep Reading...

Flag News

European Flag Designs – The Tricolor Flag

+10    If you have not noticed, many European flag designs follow a similar format. Many historians believe that this format comes from the French flag, which became a trendsetter when it adopted its Tricolor flag in 1830. The Tricolor flag consists of three vertical stripes that are equal in size and length. Each stripe’s color represents something significant and unique to the nation. The French flag was designed during the French Revolution, which gives the flag a meaning of liberation and revolution. During the revolutionary age, these meanings became popular with the surrounding European countries as they sought the same revolutionary spirit. Shortly after France adopted its flag, other nations began creating their own unique national flags – but I doubt that the French saw them as unique. Flag after flag consisted of a similar design and format with a simple modification of colors. On the other hand, contrarians believe that other nations adopted similar national flags because the French design was simple and easy to alter. Some would also say that France cannot be considered a trendsetter because the Netherlands adopted a tricolor flag hundreds of years prior. Both sides of the argument garner a significant amount of … Keep Reading...

Flag History

Proposed American Flag Designs With Additional Stars

00    The current American flag has remained unchanged since 1960 – which is the longest streak in the history of the American flag. The American flag design has changed 28 times throughout history, mostly to add additional stars. New stars are only added to the flag if a new state is admitted to the United States. Each time a new state has been admitted, a star has been added to the flag within the year. Therefore, if a new state is ever added, history says that the flag will be updated accordingly. As you probably know, Puerto Rico has been in discussions for years to become the 51st state, but it is merely a “territory” at this point. As a current territory, the transition to an official state can only happen by an act of congress. There are more complications than simply voting yes and then hoisting an American flag, however. Nonetheless, it is not unrealistic to believe that the United States will eventually expand on its current list of official states. This got us thinking, what would the American flag look like if we added additional states/stars? Take a look at this list of possible American flag designs … Keep Reading...

Flag History

Colors on a Flag – What do they stand for?

00    At this point, most of us understand what the colors of the American flag stand for. The red, white and blue are not only a national symbol, but an international one. However, the American flag is not the only flag with a meaning of deep importance to its country. Many times there is a meaning behind each color in a national, state, or city flag – but sometimes there is not. However, there is a standard meaning of what the colors on a flag stand for. Below is the meaning of each individual colors on a flag. Keep in mind that these meanings represent what each color means individually, not when used with multiple colors on a flag. Each country has the right to define what each color on their flag represents, but if they do not, here are the standard meanings: Black – ethnic heritage, determination, and the ability to defeat any possible enemies. Blue – freedom, perseverance, peace, prosperity, justice and the possession of pride. Green – earthy, fertile and agricultural. Red –courage, endurance, blood and revolution White – peace and innocence (a plain white flag means surrender) Yellow or Gold – wealth, fairness, and sun … Keep Reading...

Flag History

New Civil War Flags to be Preserved and Displayed

+30    150 years after their usage, two historic flags during the American Civil War are being prepared for public exhibition. Before they are ready for display, conservationists will be brought in to properly handle and preserve these delicate pieces of material. This $30,000 conservation project will be starting in March and should last about two months. Conservation of these delicate flags includes; humidification, stabilization and the installation of pressure mounts. Both flags carry a significant amount of historical meaning to those associated with the Civil War. These flags were flown on the battlefields of some of the most famous battles in the Civil War – including Gettysburg and Antietam. Both flags are also battered, torn, faded and fragile – which is to be expected of flags that survived multiple battles. Constance Cooper, one of the key members of this preservation project says, “The tatters and wounds are part of the story.” The first flag to be preserved is the regimental flag, which is the very first edition of the Delaware state flag. This flag measures 59 by 68 inches with a dark blue background, a white seal at the center, white tassels and a golden fringe. The seal at … Keep Reading...

Flag News

What the Canadian Flag Could Have Been

+10    There has been a lot of buzz about the Canadian flag these past few weeks. February 15 was the 50th anniversary of the famous Maple Leaf flag. Not to mention that in the days leading up to the anniversary, old photos of proposed Canadian flag designs emerged online. These Canadian flag designs were submitted by both independent artists and ordinary citizens when Canada was in the process of selecting a new flag in 1964. The current Canadian maple leaf flag has become one of the most famous flags in the world. But what if that flag had never been adopted and an entirely different flag was in place? Would the flag still have the fame that it does today? What would be different? These are all relevant questions, but we will never know what could have been. Take a look at the proposed Canadian flag designs below and let us know what you think! Which flag is your favorite? Do you like any of the proposed designs better than the current design? Other Maple Leaf Designs As one of the primary symbols of the Canadian nation, there were numerous other flag designs that prominently featured a maple leaf. … Keep Reading...

Flag News

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