The Australian Flag | National Flags

Image of the Australian Flag.

The Australian Flag was officially adopted on September 3, 1901. The Australian flag design features a noticeable symbol, the Union Jack, in the top left quadrant of the flag. The Union Jack on the Australian flag represents Australia’s history as a British colony. Underneath the Union Jack is the Commonwealth Star, which is a seven point star that symbolizes the six original states and any future states of Australia. The right half of the Australian flag contains the Southern Cross Constellation, which is a southern star constellation. Overall, the Australian flag has one of the busiest flag designs, but all of these symbols have deeply rooted meanings with the nation’s people.

About Australia:

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of total land area. It is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean near New Zealand. Its close proximity to New Zealand is interesting, considering the two national flags are also among the most similar national flags in the world. This national flag similarity has prompted New Zealand to discuss changing its national flag design.

As a nation, Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world. It consistently ranks high in areas like quality of life, education, health and per capita income. A large percentage of the country’s population is urbanized in cities located along the east coast. Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, are famous travel destinations.

Landmarks & Historical Places

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. The building is not famous for what it is used for, it is best known for its unique architecture. For most people, the building is instantly associated with Sydney, Australia.

Image of the Sydney Opera House.

The Great Barrier Reef is visible from space and is one of the largest living structures in the world. The Great Barrier Reef contains more than 3,000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands and 1,600 tropical species – making it one of the natural wonders of the Earth.

Image of the Great Barrier Reef.

Similar to the Great Barrier Reef, the Uluru is one of the natural wonders of the Earth. The Uluru is a red monolith, which means it is a single upright block of stone. This giant rock is an unmistakable figure located in the center of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

Image of the Uluru in Australia.

Credit: Wikipedia

World Flag Etiquettes

Know your flag etiquette for different flags from around the world. Like the US flag, national flags have sets of protocols and etiquettes.

Flags from around the world are flown every day. But are we flying them properly? There are different protocols that are put in place to make sure that flags are used as designed and to pay respect to their countries, much like the US flag etiquette. In this post, we will look at certain flag customs that are used outside of the US.


Image of the Canadian Flag.

Canadian flag etiquette is very similar to the US flag etiquette. The basis of which is to keep the national symbol in a dignified manner. One point of difference from the US flag, the Canadian Flag is to be flown on its own mast.


Image of the France Flag.

French ships greet one another by lowering and raising the French flag. This is done three times when a French merchant ship greets a French ship flying a navy flag.


Image of the flag of India.

Much like the US national flag, India’s flag must never touch the ground or water. The Indian flag also must follow proper flag disposal using a dignified manner, such as burning.

United Kingdom

Image of the Union Jack flag.

Some flags in the United Kingdom require special consent or have some protocol restrictions. The Union Jack (United Kingdom flag) is among the list of unrestricted flags that can be flown, along with any other world flag. However, they do have some restrictions on placement as to not restrict visibility (Flag Fact: If you are not able to lower your flag to half-mast due to visibility restrictions, you can attach a black mourning ribbon to the flag or flagpole).

Sources: Canadian Heritage, Wikipedia

National Flags with Two Colors

By now you understand our passion for flag, materials, designs and concepts. We have covered everything from the most colorful flags to national flags that no longer exist. But what about looking at flag designs by the number of colors on the flag? Take a look at our list below of national flags with two colors.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all national flags with two colors; it is simply a list of the most recognizable national flags with two colors.


Image of the Canadian Flag.

The Canadian Flag is one of the world’s most famous flags, and that is partially because the simplicity and uniqueness of the flag’s design. The Canadian Flag is a perfect blend of Roman Mars’ flag design principles, which touches on simplicity and meaningful symbolism with no lettering or seals.


Image of the Chinese Flag.

The Chinese flag is growing in terms of being recognizable to people living outside of China. This is to be expected as one of the world’s superpower nations. However, their flag is still not as recognizable as the United States Flag.


Image of the Greek Flag.

The Greek Flag has the most complex design among all national flags with two colors. The Greek Flag features horizontal stripes of blue and white as well as a white cross on a blue background.


Image of the Sweden Flag.

We could have also listed Finland or Denmark here, since all three of these flags are among the most similar looking national flags. However, we chose Sweden’s Flag because it is more recognizable on a global level. This is partially because of Sweden’s historical success in the Olympic Games.


Image of the Japanese Flag.

The Japanese flag is easily the simplest two colored flag design. The flag features a large red circle on a white background. However, similar to the Canadian flag, this simple design has given Japan a distinct and original national symbol.

Credit: Wikipedia

NFL Teams – San Diego Chargers

Image of the San Diego Chargers logo.

The San Diego Chargers are an NFL football team located in the city of San Diego, California. The team entered the league in 1970 and have been a member of the AFC West division ever since. They compete in the AFC West with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and Kansas City Chiefs. They are owned by Alex Spanos and his family. The Chargers team colors are navy blue, powder blue, gold and white.

Team History

The San Diego Chargers have been an average team in terms of on field success throughout history. They have won their division 15 times and have made 18 playoff appearances. However, their only Super Bowl appearance came in 1994 where they eventually lost the San Francisco 49ers.

Along with the Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers have been in the news lately as a potential team that could relocate to Los Angeles. Fans of the Chargers have been against the move, but the city of Los Angeles is the largest city in the United States without an NFL team – it is bound to get a team at some point. Could this be the Chargers last season in San Diego?


Image of Qualcomm Stadium.

One of the major reasons a move has been discussed is because the San Diego Chargers stadium is outdated. They have played at Qualcomm Stadium since 1967, which makes it one of the older stadiums in the league. If the Chargers want to stay in San Diego, they will need to upgrade one of the most outdated stadiums in all of sports. Despite the outdated features, Qualcomm Stadium has a rich history. In fact, it is one of only three stadiums to host the Super Bowl, MLB All Star Game and World Series.

Famous Members of the Chargers

  • LaDainian Tomlinson – Hall of Fame running back
  • Phillip Rivers – Current quarterback of the team
  • Antonio Gates – Current tight end and future Hall of Famer
  • Junior Seau – NFL Hall of Fame linebacker
  • Rodney Harrison – Former defensive back. Also famous for his time spent playing for the New England Patriots
  • Dan Fouts – NFL Hall of Fame quarterback

San Diego Chargers Merchandise

Credit: Wikipedia

The Belgian Flag | National Flags

The Belgian flag flies with black, yellow, and red vertical stripes. One popular variant of the national flag is the state ensign, which includes the black lion of Flanders.

The 184th Belgian National Day happened earlier this month, so let’s take a look at the history of the great country’s national flag. Though Belgium has a large history outside of the vexillological field, like being the country that brought us the snack inappropriately named “French Fries”, this post will focus on the history of the Belgium flag itself.

With similar colors to the German flag, the tricolor flag design features vertical stripes of black, yellow, and red.

Image of the Belgian flag.

After Charlemagne passed, the Belgian territory moved from one allegiance to the next, from Lotharingia to Spain to Austria. Many different flags were tried, but none seemed to unite the Belgian people. Soon they rose to claim independence.

During the Belgian Revolution, the French flag was flown over the city of Brussels, but was soon replaced with a horizontal stripe version of the current flag colors. Because of this, the colors black, yellow, and red were designated the official colors of Belgium (Flag Fact: each color represents the lion crests from Luxembourg, Brabant, and Flanders).

On October 12, the modern version of the Belgian flag was first flown. This change was believed to be done in order to differentiate the flag more from the Netherlands flag.

Oddly, the official flag of Belgium is not the most common. This is because its dimensions are the unique ratio of 13:15. The more common flag found is the 2:3 variant, a much more common flag size.

They also have incorporated the traditional black lion crest within the state ensign, used by ships at sea.

Image of the Belgium government ensign.

Source: Wikipedia

NFL Teams – St. Louis Rams

Image of the St. Louis Rams logo.

The St. Louis Rams are an NFL football team located in St. Louis, Missouri. They currently play in the NFC West division with the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. Their team colors are millennium blue, new century gold and white. The team is owned by Stan Kroenke, entrepreneur and businessman.

Team History

The St. Louis Rams have seemed like a team in transition throughout their entire history. The franchise started as the Cleveland Rams in 1937 before moving to Los Angeles in 1946. They remained the Los Angeles Rams until 1995 when they relocated to the city of St. Louis. Fast forward to 2015 and the St. Louis Rams are debating a move back to the city of Los Angeles. Could 2015 be their last season playing St. Louis? Or will a team like the San Diego Chargers move to Los Angeles instead of the Rams?

On the field the Rams have been an average NFL team. They have made multiple Super Bowl appearances, but have only one title to show for it (1999 season). Since the “glory years” of the late 1990s/early 2000s, the Rams have suffered through numerous losing seasons.


Image of the Edward Jones Dome at a Rams game.

With the multiple relocations throughout team history, the Rams have played their home games at numerous stadiums. In Cleveland, they played at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, League Park and Shaw Stadium. In Los Angeles, they played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and Anaheim Stadium. In St. Louis, they have played at the Edward Jones Dome. The Edward Jones Dome is a 70,000 seat domed stadium located in downtown St. Louis. The stadium is a multipurpose arena capable of hosting concerts, conferences, soccer matches, basketball and football games.

Famous Members of the Rams

  • Marshall Faulk – Hall of Fame running back
  • Eric Dickerson – Hall of Fame running back who holds the record for most rushing yards in a season.
  • Isaac Bruce – former wide receiver
  • Torry Holt – former wide receiver
  • Kurt Warner – former MVP quarterback

St. Louis Rams Merchandise

Credit: Wikipedia

NFL Teams – Pittsburgh Steelers

Image of the Pittsburgh Steelers logo.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an NFL football team that is located in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Steelers were founded on July 8, 1933 which makes them the oldest team in the AFC. This also means that the Steelers recently celebrated their 82nd birthday on July 8, 2015. They currently play in the AFC North Division with the Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens. Team ownership has remained in the Rooney family since its inception. They are currently coached by Mike Tomlin.

Team History

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s most famous franchises. The team has appeared in 8 super bowl games, winning 6 of them – both of which are NFL records. They have won their division 21 times and have made 28 playoff appearances. The team also has the third most inductees into the NFL Hall of Fame, some of which you can see in the section below. The Steelers also have one of the most rabid fan bases in all of sports. Steeler’s fans can be found throughout the United States, waving their “Terrible Towels” on game day.


Image of Steelers fans at Heinz Field.

The Steelers played home games at Three Rivers Stadium from 1970 to 2000. Since 2001, the Pittsburgh Steelers have played their home football games at Heinz Field. The stadium is named for the local H. J. Heinz Company, which is famous for the production of various food condiments like ketchup. Heinz Field’s seating capacity is generally around 65,000 with a record attendance of 68,111 during an outdoor NHL hockey game. Heinz Field is also home to NCAA football games for the University of Pittsburgh.

Famous Members of the Steelers

Throughout history the Pittsburgh Steelers have been one of the NFL’s best franchises. Here are a few of their most notable players, coaches and owners.

  • Terry Bradshaw – Hall of Fame quarterback and current sports broadcaster.
  • “Mean” Joe Greene – Hall of Fame defensive tackle.
  • Franco Harris – Hall of Fame running back.
  • Chuck Noll – 4 time super bowl winning head coach.
  • Art and Dan Rooney – owners of the team since 1933.
  • Lynn Swann – Hall of Fame wide receiver.
  • Rod Woodson – Hall of Fame defensive back.

Pittsburgh Steelers Merchandise

Credit: Wikipedia

Understanding Military Service Banners

Have you heard of a blue star military family? What about a gold star military family? Have you wondered what this means and what is the significance of the colored stars? In general, a military service banner is a rectangular shaped banner given to families with members enrolled in the United States Military. The military service banner features a white background with a thick red border and either a blue or gold star at the center. The number of stars can vary depending on the number of family members that serve or served in the military. The color of the stars can also vary.

Blue Star Service Banner

Image of a blue star military service banner.

The Blue Star Service Banner was designed in 1917 and has served as a symbol for parents with children in the military. The use of the banner became popular during both World Wars. A blue star symbolizes that the child is currently alive and on active military duty.

Gold Star Service Banner

Image of a gold star military service banner.

The Gold Star Service Banner is similar to the Blue Star Service Banner, but the meaning of the flag is entirely different. A gold star signifies that a family member has passed away while serving their country. Similar to the Blue Star Service Banner, the Gold Star Service Banner was widely used during the World Wars, but is still used to today.

Both of these Military Service Banners are used to display a family’s appreciation for their children and their service to our great nation. The United States Army website properly explains the significance of these Military Service Banners in one sentence. They say that “the strength of our army is our soldiers and the strength of our soldiers is their families.”

Credit: Wikipedia, US Army

Confederate Flags Flying Outside of the United States

Amid the growing controversy over the Confederate Flag in the United States, there have been reports of the Confederate flag flying outside of the United States. Initial reactions to this by Americans are feelings of confusion. Why would citizens of other nations be flying the Confederate Flag? The British Broadcasting Channel recently asked various citizens throughout the world this very question. Here are some of their responses.

Please keep in mind that the sole purpose of this post is for the education of our readers.


Image of Brazilians dancing on the confederate flag.

Some southern American descendents fled to Brazil after the American Civil War. At the time, slavery was still legal in Brazil and many southerners received land grants from the Brazilian government. The photo above shows these descendents celebrating the 150th anniversary of the war’s end on April 26, 2015. At this Brazilian celebration, people dressed in confederate uniforms and danced on the Confederate Flag.


Image of a confederate flag at an Italian soccer game.

In Italy, people have spotted sports fans flying the Confederate Flag during soccer matches. When asked about the correlation, one fan said that they liked the flag’s design and its rebellious symbolism. There is still a North/South rivalry in Italy (especially in soccer), and these fans were using the Confederate Flag to symbolize this.


In the southern coastal area known as Dalmatia, the Confederate Flag can be seen flying on buildings. Croatian residents claim that the flag helps them distinguish their southern coastal region from the mountainous regions of the north.


A tourist from New York reported seeing numerous Confederate Flags flying along a beach in Cyprus. Cyprus is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, near Turkey and Egypt. When the American tourist asked locals about the reason behind the flag’s display, no one seemed to know the flag’s history or where it came from. Some tourists from the United Kingdom later speculated that the “X” of the Confederate Flag could be a rebellious interpretation of the Saltire of Scotland.


Image of a confederate flag on a car in Sweden.

In Dalarna, the central portion of Sweden, locals love American history. They call their American loving culture “raggare”. It has been reported that residents of Dalarna regularly wear cowboy boots and hats while carrying Confederate Flags. The locals don’t view this as a politically charged symbol; they see it as a piece of Americana.

Credit: BBC, Business Insider

Flags Fly at U.S. Women’s Soccer World Cup Parade

By now you might have heard – the United States Women’s Soccer team won the World Cup in 2015! They did so with an impressive six wins and one tie in the 2015 World Cup hosted by Canada.

2015 World Cup Schedule – USA Women

vs. Australia 3-1 Win

vs. Sweden 0-0 Tie

vs. Nigeria 1-0 Win

vs. Colombia 2-0 Win

vs. China 1-0 Win

vs. Germany 2-0 Win

vs. Japan (Championship Match) 5-2 Win

Image of the US Womens Soccer team celebrating after the World Cup victory.

The Women’s National Team (WNT) celebrated their victory with a World Cup Parade in New York City. The World Cup Parade became the first ticker tape parade in Lower Manhattan dedicated to a team of female athletes. This groundbreaking parade concluded with the New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, handing the team the keys to the city at City Hall.

Image of a US Womens soccer player with an American flag.

During the parade, there were many photographic moments of patriotism. As you can see from the photos above and below, the parade was not only a celebration of victory, but a celebration of country. The United States once again showed that it obsesses over its national flag colors in a variety of ways. People came dressed in American flag clothing, waving stick flags and shooting red, white and blue colored confetti.

Image of a US Womens soccer player during the world cup parade.

Despite the struggles of the men’s soccer team on a worldwide level, the women’s soccer team has been quite successful in the past 25 years. They won the first ever World Cup in 1991 with a victory over Norway. They went on to finish third in 1995, first in 1999, third in 2003 and 2007, second in 2011 and first again in 2015. The win in 2015 gives the United States the most World Cup victories among all nations of the world.