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NCAA Schools – Michigan State Spartans


Image of the Michigan State University seal.

Michigan State University is a public research university that was founded in 1855. The school is located in East Lansing, Michigan – which is located to the east of the capital city of Lansing. Michigan State currently enrolls around 38,000 undergraduates (49,000 total), which makes it one of the top 10 largest schools in terms of enrollment. Their school motto is “Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives.” Their school colors are green and white.


Michigan State (MSU) is known for pioneering new degree programs such as; supply chain, hospitality, packaging and telecommunication. With over 200 degree programs, MSU has numerous degree programs that are ranked in the top 10 in the United States among public universities. Education and Organizational Psychology are the two best degree programs at MSU – both have been ranked 1st in the nation for over 15 years. Various sources have ranked MSU as a top 100 overall public university in America.


The Michigan State Spartans field some of the most respected sports teams in the NCAA. The school fields 25 sports teams and currently competes in the Big 10 conference. Their biggest rival is the Michigan Wolverines – the two schools compete heavily in each sport and it is one of the top rivalries in college basketball.

Image of the Michigan State Spartans logo.

The Michigan State Spartans are most famous for their men’s basketball program. Their famous coach, Tom Izzo, always has the team in contention when it comes to March Madness. They have won two national championships, one in 1979 and the other in 2000. They have also been to the Final Four eight times.

Image of the Michigan State Spartans basketball arena.

Although the Michigan State Spartans are most famous for their recent success in men’s basketball, their football program has historically been more successful. MSU football has won six national championships and four Rose Bowls. Despite the historical success and ability to produce NFL players, their football program is sometimes wrongfully forgotten.

Image of the Michigan State Spartans football stadium.

Famous Michigan State Spartans Alumni

  • Magic Johnson – Hall of Fame NBA basketball player, sports broadcaster and public speaker.
  • Tom Sizemore – Actor
  • James Caan – Actor
  • Sam Raimi – Filmmaker most famous for directing the Spider-Man series.
  • Tom Izzo – Not an alum, but he is currently the head men’s basketball coach and arguably the most famous person currently at the school.

Michigan State Spartans Merchandise

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NCAA Schools – Louisville Cardinals

+10    The University of Louisville is a public university that was founded in 1798. The campus is located in Louisville, which is the largest city in the state of Kentucky with a population of about 600,000. The U of L has an enrollment of about 16,000 undergraduates and 6,400 postgraduates. Their school motto is “It’s Happening Here” and their school colors are red, black, yellow and grey. Academics The University of Louisville is credited with many firsts in the medical field including; transplants for the hand and the heart, a vaccine for cervical cancer, the ambulance, the emergency room (ER), and a blood bank. The U of L is one of the best and fastest growing medical research universities in the United States. Overall, the university ranks just outside of the top 150 among national universities according to a U.S. News & World Report. Athletics Louisville sports teams are known as the Louisville Cardinals – they currently field 21 varsity sports teams. The Louisville Cardinals began competing in the ACC Conference for the first time in 2014 after spending the previous 8 years in the Big East Conference. The Louisville Cardinals are the only school to appear in a … Keep Reading...

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The Portland City Flag

+164-8    The Portland city flag is one of the most meaningful city flags in the United States. The Portland city flag design features a green background with a multicolor four pointed directional star in front. The star has narrow white stripes extending from its center, bordered by thicker blue and yellow stripes. The four pointed star creates an L shape at each corner. Each of the colors on the Portland city flag symbolize something unique about the city. Blue stands for the rivers surrounding the city, green stands for the environmentally friendliness of the city, and the yellow symbolizes commerce and agriculture. The Portland city flag has been ranked among the top 10 best city flags in the United States. About the city of Portland Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon with a population estimate of around 600,000 in 2013. The city is one of the most progressive minded areas in the country. Portland operates based on a commission based government which features a mayor, four commissioners and a metro planning organization. This style of government has allowed Portland to become one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world and has garnered praise … Keep Reading...

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Students Engage in a City Flag Design Contest

00    The city of Janesville, Wisconsin is looking to design a new city flag. What do you do when you are looking for a new flag design? Most would ask a professional to sketch a few design concepts, but not the city of Janesville. The city has decided to ask nearly 350 students from the nearby schools to submit design proposals for their new city flag. Janesville is the 10th largest city in the state of Wisconsin in terms of population with nearly 64,000 residents. Carson McCormick (pictured above), is a 9 year student designing a city flag that incorporates colors from two local Janesville high schools. Carson is one of hundreds of students who submitted their flag design ideas to the city of Janesville. “It allows the kids to think about why they love and enjoy the community and can represent it in a flag using their creativity to think of one symbol to use”, said Principal Allison Degraaf of Kennedy Elementary about the city flag design contest. The city flag that was chosen was designed by a Maggie Gorman, a senior at Craig High School. Her flag (pictured above) incorporated the city name written in white on … Keep Reading...

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NCAA Schools – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

00    The University of Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. What makes the school unique is that it excels both academically and athletically. The Notre Dame campus is also a perfect blend of historical importance and iconic symbolism. The school was established in 1842 in the town of South Bend, Indiana. They currently have 11,000 students enrolled, 8,000 of them are undergraduates. The Notre Dame motto is “Life, Sweetness, Hope”, and their school colors are gold and blue. Academics Notre Dame is ranked among the top 20 academic universities in the United States according to most sources. concluded that graduates of Notre Dame are among the highest paid in the nation. The Mendoza College of Business ranks as the best business school in the country according to Business Week. You name the program, and you can probably find Notre Dame ranked among the top 20. Athletics Notre Dame currently fields 23 varsity teams among both men’s and women’s sports. Among all sports, Notre Dame is most famous for its football team. The Fighting Irish have won 11 national championships in football compared to 16 among all other sports combined. Their 11 … Keep Reading...

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NCAA Schools – Kentucky Wildcats

00    The University of Kentucky is a public co-educational university that was established in 1865. The school is located in Lexington, Kentucky. Lexington is the second largest city in the state of Kentucky with a population of about 300,000. As of fall 2013, UK had 21,000 undergraduates enrolled at their campus. Their official school colors are blue and white. Academics The University of Kentucky is not known for its academics, however, that does not mean that the school doesn’t do well in this area. With a large student body, the University of Kentucky goes with a widespread do-everything approach. Undergrad students have a choice of attending one of 16 colleges and enrolling in 93 undergrad programs. There are also 99 master programs and 66 doctoral programs for post grad students. U.S. News and World Report ranked the University of Kentucky as a top 150 school in the United States. Athletics The Kentucky Wildcats are a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The school is referred to as a founding member of the conference. Fans of the Kentucky Wildcats are known as the “Big Blue Nation”. Kentucky fields 19 varsity teams in both men and women’s sports. Athletics are what … Keep Reading...

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Flags in Famous Photographs

00    Battle of Iwo Jima – World War II The Iwo Jima photograph is arguably the most recognizable photograph in the history of the world. If you search for flags in famous photographs, it is likely that the Iwo Jima photograph will flood the search results. This photograph shows numerous United States Marines raising the American flag after the Battle of Iwo Jima in Japan during World War II. It was the only photo to win the Pulitzer Prize for Photography in the same year as its publication. February 23, 2015 was the 70th anniversary of the famous Iwo Jima photograph taken by Joe Rosenthal. Raising of the flag at the Reichstag – World War II Arguably the second most famous photograph during World War II is the raising of the flag at the Reichstag. This photograph was taken during the final months of the war as the Soviet Union began occupying East Germany. This moment signified the beginning of the fall of Nazi Germany. Apollo 15 flag on the Moon The photo of the Apollo 15 space shuttle on the Moon is another historic moment in the history of the world. This was the first time that a … Keep Reading...

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Most Famous National Anthems

00    A national anthem is essentially a song that is adopted by a country as a musical gesture to the nation’s traditions, culture and government. Most natives can sing their national anthems word-for-word, as it is a symbol of pride and patriotism. But what makes a national anthem famous you might ask? Why would a national anthem from a foreign country be remembered by people who live in other countries around the world? There are many factors that weigh into determining the most famous national anthems. These factors can include the fame of the country itself, the longevity of the anthem, its meaning and the nation’s success in worldwide events such as the Olympics or the World Cup. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous national anthems. United States of America – The Star Spangled Banner United Kingdom – God Save the King (or Queen) The United Kingdom national anthem surely makes the list of most famous national anthems because of its longevity and the presence of Great Britain throughout world history. Sports fans also recognize this anthem, as England is one of the best soccer nations in the world. The author of the song is … Keep Reading...

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Who will win March Madness 2015?

00    Correctly pick the winner of the tournament in the comments section below for a chance to win a free NCAA flag! The March Madness 2015 tournament bracket has been released – who do you think will cut down the nets? For many sports fans in the United States, March Madness is their favorite time of the year. In a three week span, a field of 64 teams is narrowed down to four teams. The Final Four is a life changing event for many players and coaches in the sport. March Madness 2015 has the potential to be a historic event. All eyes will be on the Kentucky Wildcats, who come in to the tournament with an undefeated record. There have been only 7 men’s teams in NCAA history to complete an undefeated college basketball season – the most recent being the Indiana Hoosiers in 1976. Many college basketball analysts say that March Madness 2015 tournament is Kentucky vs. the field. Kentucky is the overall #1 seed in the tournament, the other three #1 seeds include; Villanova Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils, and the Wisconsin Badgers. The first game tips off on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 12:15pm (ET) with … Keep Reading...

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NCAA Schools – Kansas Jayhawks

00    The oldest and the largest public university in the state of Kansas is the University of Kansas. While there are numerous campus locations across the entire state, the main campus is located in the city of Lawrence, Kansas. The university was established in 1865 and has an enrollment of 19,000 undergraduates as of fall 2014. Their school colors are crimson (red) and blue. The school motto is “I shall see this great sight, why the bush does not burn.” The motto is a religious quote from the Bible’s book of Exodus. Academics The University of Kansas is a large public university that has over 345 degree programs. With so many degree programs, the special education and the urban policy programs seem to stand above the rest. A U.S. News & World Report ranked these programs as the best in the nation in their respective fields. The graduate school is also recognized as a top 25 program among public schools. U.S. News & World Report ranked Kansas as a top 100 overall university and a top 50 public university in the United States. Athletics The Kansas Jayhawks are currently a member of the Big 12 conference. KU currently fields … Keep Reading...

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